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People and Animals Thailand (PAT)
Reducing the suffering of stray animals

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

Improving Animal Welfare

People And Animals Thailand (PAT) is the latest initiative of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand.

Located between Hua Hin and Cha Am the new clinic was set up specifically to help deal with the overpopulation of street cats and dogs in the area.

Working with Partners

With a purpose built operating theatre using modern anaesthesia and surgical techniques, the team are able to desex and vaccinate around 250-300 street animals per month.

Using minimally invasive surgery and modern materials, the team operate quickly with minimal risk of complications.

Network of Passionate Individuals and Groups

End Suffering of Animals

Desexing street animals is the most humane way to deal with the problem of overpopulation long term. This sterilisation project is able to return animals to their area on the same day minimising problems and enhancing animal welfare. By maximising resources PAT are able to sterilise and vaccinate a  street dog or cat for around 500 baht each.

This local community project is working together with local governments, businesses and individuals. PAT is able to act as a focal sterilisation project for desexing and vaccinating street animals on a daily basis. With outbreaks of Rabies in the surrounding areas it is vital that this problem is managed in a sustainable long term manner. Vaccinating street animals against rabies is essential in tackling this problem which affects animal welfare as well as human health. The PAT team have quickly established their role in tackling this massive problem. Not only are they able to achieve significant numbers of animals but they do so professionally and ethically practicing the highest standards of animal care.

The PAT clinic offers volunteer vet and non veterinary programmes where you can enhance animal welfare and gain  experience in desexing large numbers of street animals. You can volunteer with dogs and cats regardless of experience so long as you want to enhance animal care in this local community project. Volunteer fees help us to vaccinate street animals against all the main killer diseases as well as desexing street dogs and cats.

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