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Pluto, the sweet stray’s cancer cured

About 6 weeks ago, we sterilised a female black dog. During the procedure, we found she had a tumour. After testing, we ascertained she had TVT cancer. This can be deadly and spreads from dog to dog, causing painful lesions and tumours near the genitals, nose, and mouth.

Without treatment, this young dog would have likely died.

Thanks to supporters like you, we were able to fund her treatment – and she needed several rounds of chemotherapy. We had to regularly evaluate whether the treatment is working and reducing the size of the tumour. And we are thrilled to share that now, she is cancer-free! The tumour has completely gone.

We see many sad stories whilst working with stray and community dogs, but are so thrilled this adorable girl could get the treatment she needed. Every donation to our clinic truly makes the world of difference to dogs and cats in Thailand.

Pluto Aug 23
Pluto Aug 23
Pluto Aug 23
Pluto Aug 23

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