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2,500 sterilisations and counting

The People and Animals (PAT) Clinic has sterilised 2,500 dogs and cats.

Our team reached a new milestone! Since restarting the clinic earlier this year, we have sterilised more than 2,500 community and stray dogs and cats in and around Cha am and Hua Hin.

Sterilisation is not only incredibly important to humanely control the problem of too many unwanted and stray puppies and kittens, it can also reduce undesirable behaviours such as scent marking, fighting and roaming, as well as preventing the spread of diseases. While conducting the sterilisation program, the animals are also vaccinated against diseases including rabies, a virus deadly to animals and humans that is still prevalent (and on the rise) in South-East Asia. Vaccinating stray animals is the humane way to control diseases.

Many kittens and puppies don’t survive the first weeks of their lives on the streets due to disease, starvation and road accidents. They die horrific deaths. But with the support of animal lovers around the world, we are working hard to change that and reduce their suffering.

The PAT clinic uses the latest surgical techniques and minimally invasive procedures, which means that the sterilised and vaccinated animals can be released back into their communities on the same day, with minimal risk of complications such as infections.

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