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The numbers are in for November 2023

This is the difference supporters like you made in November for stray and community dogs and cats in Thailand.

It’s never quiet at the People and Animals Thailand (PAT) Clinic. We are proud to say that our hard-working team sterilised 263 dogs and cats across Cha Am and Hua Hin in November, and surpassed the milestone of 2,500 since reopening of our clinic earlier this year.

With so many homeless animals roaming the streets in Thailand, sterilising them is the most humane population control solution. Puppies born on the street often die a horrible death in the first weeks of their lives from starvation, disease and car accidents. So sterilisation (also known as neuter or spay), does not only control the number of stray puppies and kittens born, but also prevents suffering.

With rabies infections on the rise in South East Asia, it is also very good news that our clinic provided 423 vaccinations to animals against this and other infectious diseases. This will stop the spread of the rabies virus, that kills animals and sometimes also people.

Finally, over 30 puppies and dogs, identified as particularly vulnerable, were given supplementary food to ensure they not succumb to starvation.

And possibly the best news of all: Six lovely puppies have found their forever home with kind, caring people who adopted them. If you or anyone you know can give a good home for one of our other sweet and socialised puppies and kittens (who of course are vet checked and vaccinated), you could fulfil PAT’s greatest Christmas wish. CLICK HERE TO MEET THE PUPPIES AND KITTENS IN NEED OF URGENT ADOPTION. 

The PAT clinic is an initiative by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT).

Kitten carrot, is looking for a home

Kitten carrot, is looking for a home.

Setting up trap to catch feral dogs

Rabies vaccinations given to community dogs

Vulnerable puppies in need of food

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