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May 2024 update

With so many street dogs and cats in need of help, the work of a stray animal clinic is always incredibly busy, and May 2024 proved to be no exception for our People and Animals Thailand team. Our dedicated team, with the support of animal lovers like you, helped hundreds of animals.

During the month, an impressive 236 animals underwent sterilisation procedures, crucial for the humane management of the local street animal populations. Also referred to as spaying and neutering, this practice plays a vital role in curbing the birth rates of stray animals. The harsh reality is that kittens and puppies born on the streets often face insurmountable challenges and are unlikely to survive beyond their first few weeks. By reducing the number of births on the streets, we aim to minimise the suffering caused by starvation, disease, accidents, and other tragic fates.

Furthermore, 373 animals were vaccinated, a pivotal step in combating the spread of deadly diseases such as rabies, which poses a risk to both animals and humans alike.

Outreach in May 2024

38 vulnerable puppies and dogs were provided supplementary food, ensuring their survival and protecting them from starvation. 43 dogs were treated for ticks, fleas, mange, and other skin conditions that can cause suffering, and a whopping 208 animals were dewormed and/or treated for parasites. Additionally, two dogs were treated for wounds or other urgent medical issues.

For those interested in providing a loving home to a furry friend, please do reach out without hesitation. Adopting a rescued animal saves them from a harsh life on the streets and enables us to help more. Check out our adoption page which is full of cuties in need of a forever family! If you’re interested in adopting a puppy, kitten or cat, please reach out to as we often have more animals in need of homes who are not listed on our adoption page.

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