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The PAT team’s work in June 2024!

At the People and Animals Thailand (PAT) Clinic, every day bustles with activity. We are thrilled to report that in June, our dedicated team successfully sterilised 196 dogs and cats across Cha Am and Hua Hin.

Given the prevalence of homeless animals on Thailand’s streets, sterilisation remains the most humane approach to population control. Without intervention, puppies born on the streets often face dire circumstances, including accidents, starvation and disease. Sterilisation, also known as neutering or spaying, not only manages stray populations but also prevents immense suffering.

Additionally, in June, our clinic administered 244 vaccines, including crucial rabies vaccinations. This effort is pivotal in combatting infectious diseases in Southeast Asia, safeguarding both animal and human populations.

Furthermore, we provided supplementary food to more animals than ever – 92 vulnerable puppies and dogs! 186 dogs received deworming and parasite medications, 26 were treated for mange and other skin conditions, and urgent care was provided to eight dogs in need.

We have many dogs waiting for forever families! For those interested in adopting a furry friend, please consider visiting our adoption page, where many lovable animals await their forever families. If you are interested in adopting a puppy, kitten, or cat not listed on our adoption page, please contact us at

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