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More than 1,500 sterilisations!

Our People and Animals Thailand (PAT) Clinic surpasses the 1,500 milestone!

Since re-opening our sterilisation and vaccination clinic for stray and community animals earlier this year, more than 1,500 animals have come through our doors. That is more than 1,500 animals whose quality of life has substantially improved, and the births of countless animals into difficult lives on the streets prevented.

We work with numerous villages and community members and are so grateful for every collaboration and cooperation. Our team is going from village to village, to ensure as many animals as possible in each area are sterilised and vaccinated. When possible, we give a little extra helping hand to sick and injured animals we encounter along the way.

We are so grateful to Dogs Trust Worldwide for our partnership, as well as to every donor and supporter for enabling us to do more. Together, we can and will make a huge difference to both People and Animals in Thailand through decreasing the number of homeless animals, whilst also increasing the welfare of the existing stray population.

Please give today to improve the lives of more homeless animals in Thailand.

PAT mobile clinic August 2023
PAT mobile clinic August 2023
PAT Clinic for dogs and cats Thailand
PAT June 2023
PAT Clinic 2023
Army School Hua Hin
Mobile clinic at Kao Tao More Temple
Nong Khang village dog sterilisation
PAT community outreach
Army School Hua Hin
Ruam Jai Pattana
PAT Clinic 2023

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