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Hundreds of Street Animals Helped in October 2023

The People and Animals (PAT) Clinic has had another busy month sterilising and vaccinating stray dogs and cats across Cha Am and Hua Hin.

With so many street dogs and cats in need of help, the work of a stray animal clinic is always incredibly busy. October was no different, with our veterinary team helping hundreds of animals throughout Cha am and the surrounding areas.

The figures for the month show an incredible 293 animals were sterilised. Also known as spay and neuter, sterilisation is key to humanely managing the local populations of street animals, as the harsh reality means that kittens and puppies born on the street are unlikely to survive their first few weeks of life. The majority of newborns succumb to starvation, disease, road accidents, or other horrible deaths, so if fewer animals are born on the street, then less will be born into a short life of misery.

A whopping 450 animals were vaccinated, too, which is essential in helping to tackle the spread of deadly diseases like rabies, which can affect both animals and humans.

And three street dogs with injuries were also given the medical treatment they needed to help recover.

Finally, over 30 puppies and dogs who were identified as particularly vulnerable, were given supplementary food to ensure they would survive and not succumb to starvation.

The PAT clinic is an initiative by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), and has helped more than 2,400 animals since it re-opened earlier this year in February.

Stray dumped puppy who is being fed by the PAT team

Our PAT team out in the community

Dog catcher in the community

Donations from Wings For Animals

Stray puppies being fed

Working with a temple to sterilise dogs

Amazing volunteers helping to socialise strays

Our busy sterilisation clinic

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